Take the wire out. Apply some piping gel* on the polystyrene balloon (thin layer). Make sure that there are no dry gaps. 

Knead about 18 g** of red 50/50 FP/SP mix*** well (it needs to be soft). Roll it out to about 2 mm****. Don't leave it to dry. Wrap it around the balloon right away. Don't stretch it.

Make folds as shown in the photo. Try to work quite quickly, so that the paste doesn’t have time to dry – that way you will be able to remove the seams after cutting off the excess paste.

* Piping gel is stronger than glue, so the paste will stick better and not slide around.

** This is the amount I used for this specific size of polystyrene bud. 

*** FP/SP mix = flower paste (gum paste) and sugar paste (fondant) mix. Mix similar size pieces of flower paste and fondant.

**** If the paste is thick, the balloon will be heavy. 

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