Hi, I am Agnes - a creative soul with a passion for sugar modelling. Making cute cake toppers fills my heart with joy.

How did my cake journey start? It all began in autumn 2012. After watching one of the episodes of ‘Cake Boss’, I decided to make my first cake. I looked up some tutorials online and started practicing. My first cake was far from perfect, but I had so much fun making it! I was hooked.

Cake decorating was a pleasant getaway from the unfulfilling office job I had back then. The news about my new hobby spread around quickly. Orders kept on coming. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I had found my true passion. I quit my office job and became a full-time cake decorator.

Before setting up my own business I wanted to gain some experience. First I worked at a cake shop that specialized in kids cakes. Making cake toppers on daily basis helped me improve my modelling skills a lot.

A year later I moved to the UK. I soon got hired by one of the best cake shops in London. It was like a dream come true! It was an exciting time, full of learning and growth. After about two years it became clear to me what gives me the most joy and what I want to focus on.

Even before moving to London, I really enjoyed making tutorials and helping others improve their sugar modelling skills. Seeing their progress and happiness is the best feeling ever. I wanted my tutorials to really help people. To truly guide them step by step through the modelling process.

During face-to-face classes I noticed that students often struggle with proportions, sizes and shapes. That’s when I came up with the templates. They are super helpful and let you save a lot of time! You know exactly how much paste to use. They show you step by step how to get from a ball to the final shape. At every stage, you can compare the shape with both the template and the photo.

Once my Etsy Shop reached over 15000 sales and over 600 positive reviews, I knew it was time to create my own platform with access to all my tutorials and templates.

I’m so excited to share the secrets of sugar modelling with you! I hope you find something here that calls to your inner child and makes you happy!

Agnes xx

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