Insert a wooden skewer as shown in the photo. It should go in at least 3-4 cm inside the styrofoam. It’s best if you leave the skewer long and trim it to the depth of the cake later (additional support – the topper won’t sink in to the cake).


Make a hole in the cake dummy with a spare piece of a stick. Take it out and push it in a couple of times to widen the tunnel. That way you will be able to easily take the topper out later. Put the topper in the dummy. Press it gently from the top to flatten the bottom slightly. Don’t press too hard – you don’t want to damage the top and the bottom edge. Leave the topper to dry for some time like this. I left it for about 30 minutes.


Add some CMC to 18 g of brown sugarpaste. Keep on adding it gradually until you feel that the paste is starting to thicken. Roll a ball. Flatten it slightly. Keep on pressing it to the board and rotating it to create a dome. Hold your fingers close to the board - that way you will sharpen the bottom edge. Smooth the sides and the top surface.

The seed needs to be slightly smaller (1-2 mm smaller) than the diameter of the cut out circle, so that it fits in nicely.