Cut off the excess paste. Hold the scalpel/knife at a straight angle to the board all the time. Be careful not to damage the surface of the green paste while cutting.


Pick the avocado up and check if the edges look good.


Place the avocado back on the greaseproof paper*. You can either texture the surface** or smooth it.

If you decide to smooth it: First use the smoother and then use two pieces of leftover sugarpaste with a little amount of corn flour to smooth the round surface. You can leave the avocado like this to dry for a short while – until the paste gets a little firmer. Don’t leave it for a very long time – you will need to make indentations and cut a circle out for the seed (see next steps).

*If the greaseproof paper is dirty from piping gel, replace it with a clean piece.

**To texture the paste you can use a texture mat or a toothbrush (clean and used for cake decorating purposes only).