This is how the seed looks like from the side. I suggest dusting it (the sides all the way around slightly) before you attach it so that you don’t dirty the paste later. I didn't do that and had to be very careful later.


Apply some glue on the uncovered styrofoam surface. You can insert a short piece of a cocktail stick in the middle of the circle - it will prevent the seed from falling off. Attach the seed. Press gently and smooth.

Roll two 8 mm balls of black paste. Stick them in the eye sockets.


Once the surface of the paste is firm, draw a smile with a fine, edible marker. Don’t press the tip too hard to the paste. If the paste is still soft, leave it to dry for longer before making the smile. 

If you don't have an edible marker alternatively you can:
  • paint the smile with gel (paste) colour dissolved in a tiny amount of water (use a very fine brush) or
  • roll a very thin sausage and stick it on (I suggest using flower paste).