I made the inside of the topper from styrofoam, because I wanted it to be light.
Place the styrofoam piece flat on the chopping board. Draw an avocado shape on the top surface with a marker. You can use the template provided ('TEMPLATES' tab on top of the page).

With the styrofoam piece laying flat on the board, make multiple straight cuts all around with a serrated knife. Hold the blade at a straight angle to the board all the time. That way you will get straight sides.

Then use the sandpaper wrapped around a smoother to shape and smooth the sides.

  • Cut and smooth the styrofoam away from all edibles.
  • The styrofoam needs to be isolated from the cake (with sugarpaste or foam board).
  • Don’t mix the sugarpaste that touched the styrofoam, with the edibles. Throw it out or put in a labeled bag and use it for non-edible purposes.
  • Don't contaminate edible glue with styrofoam pieces. Use a separate small container (f.ex. take some out on a spoon).
  • Don’t use the same brush (which you used to apply glue on the styrofoam) to apply glue on other edible parts of the cake.
  • Remember to inform the client/recipient of the cake that the topper has styrofoam inside, so it’s not edible (the topper is food safe, but it’s not edible).