Check how the edge looks like. Run your finger along the edge gently to soften (clean) it. Don't press too hard (so that you don't round it).


Place the styrofoam back on the greaseproof paper*. Roll out 90 g of green sugarpaste** to about 3 mm. Apply a thin coat of piping gel on the round surface of the styrofoam***. Go all the way to the sugarpaste bottom, but be very careful not to apply too much piping gel close to the edge, because it might ooze out from under the paste and go over the yellow paste.

Cover the dummy with the rolled out paste. Press the paste towards the sides gently. Don’t pull the paste down. If you pull the paste down you will thin the paste (the green avocado skin won't have the same thickness all around; it will be visible from the front) . Make sure that there are no folds and that the paste sticks well near the bottom edge.

*If the greaseproof paper is dirty from piping gel, replace it with a clean piece.

**I added a little bit of CMC to it to speed up the drying time. Don’t add too much or else you will have difficulties smoothing the paste and getting a nice edge.

***If the surface of the styrofoam has holes, fill them with pieces of sugarpaste. If you leave them they might show through the sugarpaste (the surface won’t be smooth).


Use the straight edge of the smoother to thin the paste that is laying on the board as shown in the photo. That way after cutting off the excess paste, the sides will be smooth (no cutting marks or smaller cutting marks). Don’t pull the paste from the sides down (just thin the paste that is laying on the board). Hold the smoother straight all the time.