The body needs to be firm so if you are using CMC, make sure you add quite a lot of it. If you don’t add enough CMC the body will sink under the heavy head. Keep on adding the CMC powder until you feel that the paste gets thick, but you can still roll a smooth ball. Roll a 15 g ball of lilac paste. Form a teardrop shaped body. Use a dry, wooden skewer to make a tunnel in the body (rotary motion).


Take the skewer out (rotary motion).


Insert a skewer into the dummy. Take it out and insert it in a couple of times to widen the hole slightly. That way you will be able to easily take the topper out of the dummy later. For the purpose of the tutorial I used a shallow dummy, but I suggest using a deeper dummy and leaving the skewer longer (insert it all the way down), so that you can trim it to the depth of the cake later. That way the topper won't lean to the sides once attached to the cake (heavy head).