All parts need to be firm before attaching them together. If they are still squishy, leave them to dry for a bit longer. Check if all parts join properly - stand them on top of each other (before inserting the sticks and wires) and check if the topper is not leaning to the front or back. Make adjustments if there's need (cut with a knife or scalpel).

I used cocktail sticks but if you are making the topper for a cake I suggest using a wooden skewer in one of the legs and trimming it to the depth of the cake once the topper is completely dry. If you use two cocktail sticks in the legs, they might not hold the topper in the cake properly (they are too short and the topper to heavy).

Apply a small amount of glue on the sticks before inserting them. Insert them in a rotary motion. Insert short pieces of #24 or #26 wire in the arms. I trimmed the ends of the arms slightly with a scalpel before inserting the wires, because I wasn't happy with how they were joining with the body. Use a spare cocktail stick or a piece of wire to make tunnels where the cocktail sticks/wires will go. That way you won't have to push the parts in (you won't damage them).

The legs and arms are attached in the middle.