For the body you will need 25 g of the FP/SP mix*. Keep on adding the CMC until you feel that the paste gets thick (you need much more pressure to knead it). The paste needs to be thick/firm if you want the edges of the cut out parts to be sharp. If the paste is too soft, the knife will pull the paste down - the parts will lose their shape. Roll a ball. Form a teardrop shape. Put it on the board and press it from the top with a smoother in order to flatten it (thickness: about 18 mm). Then press from the sides with two smoothers to straighten the sides. Repeat flattening from the top and sides a couple of times, until you are happy with the shape.

*As I mentioned in the 'EDIBLES' tab, instead of the FP/SP mix you can use plain flower paste (gum paste) or modelling paste or sugarpaste with CMC (fondant with CMC). If you decide to use sugarpaste, add quite a lot of CMC - the paste needs to be thick/firm.