You can make the otter sitting (same as in the 'Valentine Kitties' tutorial) and stick the tail at the back :)


Roll two small balls of black flower paste and stick them in the eye indentations. Roll a small black oval and stick it on as the nose. Roll out the cream flower paste very thin (as thin as you can without it tearing). Cut out a small teardrop shape and stick it on the belly. Trim the tip of the teardrop shape. --> I didn't use any cornflour underneath when rolling out the paste and didn't use any glue to stick the teardrop shape to the belly. Since I didn't use any corn flour underneath, the underside of the paste was sticky (no need to use glue). If you use glue, dark marks might show from underneath the cream paste. Once the head and body get quite firm attach them together with glue and a short piece of a cocktail stick.