Wonderland Mushrooms

Wonderland Mushrooms


- dresden tool
- bone tool or ball tool
- cocktail sticks
- dimple foam pad
- brush for glue
- dusting brushes


- flower paste*: white (mushroom stalk)
- sugarpaste**: light pink and light purple (mushroom cap)
- edible glue
- CMC powder
- dust colours (colours given in steps)

*flower paste = gum paste
**sugarpaste = fondant

Step 1

Wonderland Mushrooms

Roll a ball of white flower paste. Form a tapering down towards one end sausage.

Step 2

Wonderland Mushrooms

Apply a small amount of glue on a cocktail stick (middle area; whole length of the stem). Insert the cocktail stick as shown in the photo (rotary motion).

If the paste is not sticking to the cocktail stick it might mean that you have applied too much glue or not enough glue.

If the mushroom is going to be inserted into the cake: leave the sticking out from the bottom cocktail stick long enough, so that the mushroom is secured properly (doesn't lean to the sides after attaching to the cake).

If the mushroom is going to be attached to the board: the sticking out from the bottom of the mushroom cocktail stick doesn't need to be very long. It needs to be long enough to secure the mushroom in the dummy properly (drying) and then it's going to be trimmed to about 6-7 mm.

Step 3

Wonderland Mushrooms

Roll the stem between your fingers to shape it. Make sure that you have the cocktail stick sticking out on both sides (one end will go into the dummy, the other will be used to attach the cap).

Step 4

Wonderland Mushrooms

Put the shaped stems in a dummy. I didn't want the bottom of the stem to be completely flat, that is why I didn't press too hard down.

Leave the stems to dry. They don't need to dry out completely before attaching the cap, but they need to be firm enough, so that they don't sink underneath the weight of the cap (I left them for about 30 mins). The larger the cap, the firmer the stem needs to be before attaching the cap.

Remember that if you are using a different type of paste (not flower paste), you might need to leave the stems to dry for a bit longer (flower paste dries quicker than sugarpaste).

Step 5

Wonderland Mushrooms

Add some CMC to the sugarpaste. Keep on adding the CMC gradually until you feel that the paste is thicker (you need to use more pressure to knead it). Roll a ball. Place it on the board and keep on rotating it and pressing with your fingers (downwards) as shown in the photo.

Step 6

Wonderland Mushrooms

If you want the mushroom cap to be more flat, press it from the top with your hand.

Step 7

Wonderland Mushrooms

This is how the mushrooms I was making looked like at this stage.

Step 8

Wonderland Mushrooms

Pinch the edges with your fingers following an imaginary curved line - that way you will thin the edges and curve them.

Step 9

Wonderland Mushrooms

Use the dresden tool to make indentations as shown in the photo. Make some indentations deeper and longer and some shallower and shorter. Use a bone tool or ball tool to make very shallow indentations here and there (whole surface of the cap). Those indentations won't be very visible at this stage, but the dusting will bring the texture out.

Step 10

Wonderland Mushrooms

Place the mushroom caps on a dimple foam pad and leave them to dry. Same as with the stems - they don't need to dry out completely but they need to be firm enough, so that when you attach them to the stem, the stem won't start sinking into the cap. The larger (heavier) the cap, the firmer it needs to get.

Before leaving them to dry I made an indentation on the bottom side of the cap (where the stem will go; it will hide the cap-stem joining).

Step 11

Wonderland Mushrooms

When the caps get firm, dust them. Work gradually. Rub the excess of the dust off the brush against a paper towel.
I used a mix of rose, white and brown dusts for the pink ones and a mix of purple, blue and white for the purple ones. First I dusted them all the way around going from the bottom edge upwards. Then I dusted the larger indentations. To make the blue areas on the purple mushrooms I applied some blue dust here and there (tapping with the brush).

Step 12

Wonderland Mushrooms

Attach the caps to the stems. If they are too dry to stick them with glue, use a piece of flower paste mixed with a small amount of glue.

Dust the bottom of the stems with grey dust. I dusted the stems after attaching the mushrooms to the cake, but it will be much easier to do it at this stage ;)

Leave the mushroom to dry completely.

Step 13

Wonderland Mushrooms

If you are attaching the mushrooms onto a cake, leave the sticking out cocktail sticks long.
If you are attaching them to the board trim them to about 6-7 mm. I stuck a piece of sugarpaste (mixed with CMC; balls of paste flattened to about 3-5 mm) to the board. I applied glue onto that piece. Next I covered it with a thin layer of sugarpaste (plain; no CMC) and textured it with a dresden tool (small circular moves; some to the left, some to the right). Then I attached the mushrooms - apply some glue on the bottom of the stem, hold by sides of the stem, press down all the way to the board (through the sugarpaste which is covering the board). If the cocktail stick is too long - trim it.