Place the mushroom caps on a dimple foam pad and leave them to dry. Same as with the stems - they don't need to dry out completely but they need to be firm enough, so that when you attach them to the stem, the stem won't start sinking into the cap. The larger (heavier) the cap, the firmer it needs to get. Before leaving them to dry I made an indentation on the bottom side of the cap (where the stem will go; it will hide the cap-stem joining).


When the caps get firm, dust them. Work gradually. Rub the excess of the dust off the brush against a paper towel. I used a mix of rose, white and brown dusts for the pink ones and a mix of purple, blue and white for the purple ones. First I dusted them all the way around going from the bottom edge upwards. Then I dusted the larger indentations. To make the blue areas on the purple mushrooms I applied some blue dust here and there (tapping with the brush).


Attach the caps to the stems. If they are too dry to stick them with glue, use a piece of flower paste mixed with a small amount of glue. Dust the bottom of the stems with grey dust. I dusted the stems after attaching the mushrooms to the cake, but it will be much easier to do it at this stage ;) Leave the mushroom to dry completely.