This tutorial includes templates which will help you with the sizes and shapes. Click on the 'Templates' button below to download them. 


Roll out about 1 g of green flower paste to about 1 mm (or thinner*). Let the rolled out paste dry from both sides for a few minutes. It needs to hold the shape well. Use a small teardrop cutter** to cut out a few leaves.

Place them on a foam pad. You can use the round end of the dresden tool or a ball tool to thin the edges. Use the fine end of the dresden tool to indent lines as shown in the photo.

* If the leaves are too thick they will be too heavy and might detach.

** I used a 10 mm x 8 mm teardrop cutter. If you don’t have a cutter that or similar size, use a wheel tool to cut out the leaves. Alternatively make small teardrop shapes and flatten them.