This tutorial includes templates which will help you with the sizes and shapes. Click on the 'Templates' button below to download them. 


Paint a smile* between the eyes. Use a fine brush and black gel (paste) colour dissolved in a tiny amount of water**.

* Don’t make it too big. Small smiles are considered cuter.

** Alternatively you can use a fine edible marker, but you need to wait until the head is completely dry. If you draw the smile when the paste is still soft you will make indentations.


1. Use a very fine brush.

2. You can use either gel colour dissolved in a small amount of water or dust colour dissolved in a small amount of clear alcohol. 

3. Test the thickness of the paste on a spare piece of paste – the paint shouldn’t be too watery, because it will dissolve the paste and you won’t be able to paint precise lines. It shouldn’t be too thick either, because you will get broken lines.

4. Apply a small amount of paint on the brush (take off the excess by rubbing the brush against the edge of the palette well).

5. To steady the hand place the palm of your hand on the table/board.

6. If something goes wrong and you need to erase some lines, use a clean, soft brush and a small amount of clear alcohol. Just don’t wait for the paint to dry and don’t apply too much alcohol on the brush (it needs to be damp, not wet). To remove the paint:

  • dampen the clean brush in alcohol,
  • take as much paint off as you can, 
  • clean the brush, 
  • dampen it in alcohol again, 
  • take as much paint off as you can
  • repeat those steps until you remove the paint completely.