This Zombie Tutorial is my contribution to The Boo Crew Collaboration. It was a huge pleasure working with Zoe’s Fancy Cakes, Letterpress Bakery, and Cake Dutchess!


  • Leave the figurine to dry out completely.
  • Take it out from the dummy and trim the skewers. I suggest that you trim one skewer to the depth of the cake and the other one to about 3-4 cm (see image above). Since one skewer touches the bottom of the board, the topper won’t sink into the cake or lean to the sides. If you leave both skewers long, you might find it difficult to attach the figure to the cake, because the skewers have the tendency to move away from each other while inserting into the cake (the legs might break off).
  • Apply some royal icing or softened paste on the underside of the feet. 
  • Attach the cake topper to the cake.
  • Hold the figurine (by the torso) with one hand and the leg skewers with the other hand. Instead of pushing the figure down, push the skewers into the cake. Keep on checking if te cake topper is being inserted straight.

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