Stick the door to the cake.


I used the Curlicues FPC mould to make the door frame. Grease the mould with white vegetable fat or use corn flour. Press the grey flower paste into the mould indentations. Gently push the shapes out. Use the wheel tool to cut out bits which you will use to stick as door frame. Leave them to dry for a few minutes before sticking them on.


Make the hinges and the door knob. To make the hinges I used a no. 1 JEM strip cutter (you can cut the strips out by hand). Emboss the circles with a 1 mm piping nozzle.

To make the door knob: Cut out a strip slightly longer and wider than the hinges. Emboss the line above the eyes with a 7 mm heart cutter (or use a small round cutter; press at an angle).

Emboss the eyes with a 2 mm piping nozzle. To make the keyhole cut out a 2 mm circle (with the piping nozzle) and make three cuts with a scalpel (the paste needs to be quite firm to make clean cuts, so leave it to dry for a few minutes if there's need).

Roll a 4 mm ball and stick it on. Roll a thin sausage. Pinch it in the middle and stick it on above the eyes. Leave the elements to dry for a few minutes.