Make the hinges and the door knob. To make the hinges I used a no. 1 JEM strip cutter (you can cut the strips out by hand). Emboss the circles with a 1 mm piping nozzle.

To make the door knob: Cut out a strip slightly longer and wider than the hinges. Emboss the line above the eyes with a 7 mm heart cutter (or use a small round cutter; press at an angle).

Emboss the eyes with a 2 mm piping nozzle. To make the keyhole cut out a 2 mm circle (with the piping nozzle) and make three cuts with a scalpel (the paste needs to be quite firm to make clean cuts, so leave it to dry for a few minutes if there's need).

Roll a 4 mm ball and stick it on. Roll a thin sausage. Pinch it in the middle and stick it on above the eyes. Leave the elements to dry for a few minutes.

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