These toppers are very quick & easy to make, so they will be PURRRfect for last minute Valentine cupcakes or cakes ;)


1) Body - 5 g. Head - 20 g. Both the head and the body are slightly flattened. Use the ball tool to make eye indentations. 2) Roll small balls of white paste and stick them in the eye indentations. Roll out the black paste very thin. Cut out two circles (slightly smaller than the size of the eye whites). Use the same cutter to trim each circle from one side. Stick them on the eyes. Use a very small amount of glue. Roll the pink/red paste to about 2 mm thick. Cut out a small heart. Stick it to the belly. 3) Roll the leftover grey paste to about 2 mm thick. Use the egg shape cutter and the large round cutter (similar size to the head) to cut the ears out. Attach the ears to the head with a small amount of glue. 4) Let the body and head dry slightly bit before attaching them together. They need to be firm, so that they don't lose their shape. Remember that the larger the topper, the longer it needs to dry. Once the body and head are firm, apply a small amount of glue on the cocktail stick and insert it in the body and head. If the topper is larger, use a wooden skewer (bbq stick). Roll two 5 mm balls of grey paste. Form two tapering towards one end sausages and stick them as shown in the past photo. Draw the nose and the smile on with an edible marker. I suggest doing that once the head is dry, otherwise you might indent it. Once the topper is dry, dust it slightly with dust colours :)

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