You can make the tags the same way as in the Mad Hatter's Hat Tutorial - roll the paste out very thin so that you can see through it; place a printed out template underneath; paint the message on. For details go to the Mad Hatter's Hat Tutorial (step 36).

If you prefer to use a marker, you can cut the tags out, leave them to dry out completely and then write the message on. I like to use the fine tip marker.

I first make the letters very thin. If I'm not happy with the positioning or the spacing of the letters I adjust them by widening them (f.ex. if the letter seemed to be too far to the left I widen it slightly to the right).

You can also find a font with letters which are not all in one line - then if the letters written by you are not even it won't be that visible. I recommend Google fonts - you can browse through hundreds of fonts and check how the message would look in a certain font.

I suggest making 2-3 tags just in case they break ;)


The tags will look nicer if they are not completely flat. Put small pieces of paper towels underneath the corners and leave them to dry out completely.


As you can see the tag in not completely flat, so be careful while writing the message on (the tag is brittle - if you press to hard with the marker it might break).