When creating cute characters try to incorporate as many features considered as cute as possible:
  • Large head in relation to the body (even half of the whole body length).
  • Big eyes, placed low and wide apart.
  • High forehead (since the eyes are placed low, the forehead becomes long).
  • Small mouth, placed close to the nose.
  • Small nose, placed close to the eyes (or no nose at all).
  • Small ears.
  • Short neck or no neck at all (head joins directly with the body).
  • Small body in relation to the head.
  • Bulged tummy (looks well-fed).
  • Short and plump legs.
  • Not too long arms.
  • Soft and round forms.
  • Funny/cute attributes (f.ex. bunny slippers, polka dot bow).

These are just general guidelines of course :) not strict rules. Some characters will be perceived as cute even though they have features contrary to the above list f.ex. Rudolph with a large red nose, elephant with large ears. That is because exaggerating characteristic traits is another way of making a character sweet and likable :)

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