I made these Harry Potter cake toppers using the 'Cute Kids' templates.

You'll find a few FREE additional templates in the 'TEMPLATES' tab. They will help you space out the eyes properly, make the glasses and Hermiona's fringe. You'll find some tips, in the photo descriptions below.


  • I used flower paste (gum paste) but I added some sugarpaste (fondant) to it to make it softer.
  • Roll a tapering towards one end sausage. Flatten it. Texture it (lines) with the fine end of the dresden tool from both sides. Twist the narrower ends. Leave the curls to dry for a few minutes (they need to hold the shape, but can't be very dry). Once they hold the shape quite well, attach them.
  • Start from the back bottom layer. Then move on to the sides (single layer reaching the top of the head). Then finish the back by attaching the curls so that they fill the gaps between the bottom curls (that way the hair will look thicker when looking at the topper from the front).
  • Make the fringe the same way as described in the "Cute Kids" tutorial but use the additional fringe template form this page ('TEMPLATES' tab). Make various size v-shaped cuts on the bottom edge of the fringe.

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