Roll out the white flower paste to about 1 mm. And the black flower paste - as thin as you can without tearing it. Let both pieces dry from both sides for 1-2 mins.

Cut out two white 13 mm circles and two black 10 mm circles. Stick the black circles to the white ones with a small amount of glue.

Position the eyes on the board the way you want them to be positioned on the waffle and trim the bottom off (I used a 60 mm teardrop cutter; you can use a round cutter instead).

Roll out the leftover, rolled out white flower paste thinner (as thin as you can without tearing it) and cut out two 2 mm and two 1 mm circles (use piping nozzles or roll tiny balls).

Stick them as shown in the photo. Let the eyes dry for some time - they need to hold the shape (they need to remain flat once attached to the waffle).