For the body you will need 25 g of the FP/SP mix*. Keep on adding the CMC until you feel that the paste gets thick (you need much more pressure to knead it). The paste needs to be thick/firm if you want the edges of the cut out parts to be sharp. If the paste is too soft, the knife will pull the paste down - the parts will lose their shape. Roll a ball. Form a teardrop shape. Put it on the board and press it from the top with a smoother in order to flatten it (thickness: about 18 mm). Then press from the sides with two smoothers to straighten the sides. Repeat flattening from the top and sides a couple of times, until you are happy with the shape.

*As I mentioned in the 'EDIBLES' tab, instead of the FP/SP mix you can use plain flower paste (gum paste) or modelling paste or sugarpaste with CMC (fondant with CMC). If you decide to use sugarpaste, add quite a lot of CMC - the paste needs to be thick/firm.


Use the knife to cut off the top and bottom as shown in the photo. Clean the blade of the knife after each cut with a damp towel. Dry it out thoroughly. If the body is soft/squishy, not holding the shape and you don't get sharp edges when cutting, add more CMC to the paste and remake the body. The body needs to be firm so that it can hold the heavy head. You can also leave the paste to dry for a few minutes before cutting. Put the body aside to dry.


Add some CMC to 20-30 g of grey FP/SP mix (similar thickness/consistency as the paste for the body). Roll it out to about 11-12 mm thick (the legs need to be flatter than the body). Press a wooden lollipop stick to the surface as shown in the photo.