To make this Darth Vader cake topper I used the Superhero templates. In the 'TEMPLATES' tab below, you'll find additional templates and tips.
All main parts are made the same way as in the Superhero' tutorial. Only the details are different.

If you want some parts to be shiny (as in the photo above) apply lustre dust* with a dry, soft brush. Apply it before sticking the parts on. Remove excess dust so that it doesn't get all over the cake topper.

*I used White Pearl (Sugarflair) lustre dust.

Roll out the paste to about 2 mm. Indent vertical lines with a mini palette knife or the back of a knife. Let the paste dry for a while - it needs to hold the shape well. Cut out the mouth (see templates). Roll a thin sausage. Stick it around the cut out part.

The small circles around the mouth and on the chest panel are cut out with a piping nozzle.