You can use the 'Superhero' tutorial to make many popular superhero characters! :) Just change the colours and add or modify the details. 

The additional templates below, will help you with other cake topper designs (Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man).

Need help with the details? Below you'll find some tips.



  • Roll out about 1 g of black flower paste very thin (1 mm or less).
  • To cut out the logo I used various size round cutters.
  • You can print a small simplified Batman logo and use it as a template.



  • Roll two small (about 5 mm ball of black flower paste).
  • Use them to make two teardrop shapes.
  • Stick them to the sides of the head. 




  • Roll out about 1 g of white flower paste very thin.
  • Use round cutters to cut out the shape (same as in the tutorial)
  • Spider-Man's eyes are slightly bigger than the eye templates in the tutorial.
  • Roll a thin, long sausage. I used black flower paste.
  • Use a very small amount of glue to stick it around the eyes.



  • Roll out about 5 g of red flower paste very thin.
  • Cut out the chest template (you can download the templates on the top of this page).
  • Wrap the thin ends around the torso and trim them at the back.




  • Make them the same was as Batman’s ears, but make indentations with a dresden tool (so it looks like a wing). I made the indentations the same way as in the Little Duck tutorial (step 4).


  • Roll out some red, white and blue flower paste to 1 mm. Try not to make it thicker because it will be too heavy.
  • Leave the rolled out paste to dry for a few minutes.
  • These are the sizes of the round cutters I used to cut out the circles for the shield - 3 cm, 2.5 cm , 2 cm, 1.3 cm and 13 mm star cutter. You can use the ones you have (the shield can be smaller or larger).
  • Once the circles hold their shape but are not completely dry, stick them on top if each other.
  • Dry the shield on something round or on a small piece of paper towel (put a small piece under the centre). That way the shield won't be completely flat.
  • You can stick a thin (1 mm wide) red sausage around the shield.
  • Let the shield dry out completely.
  • Once it’s dry stick it to the body with a piece of softened paste.

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