Little Sugarpaste Cake

This is a very easy one :) but I thought I'll share it with you guys anyway - perhaps some of you will find it useful :)

Diameter of the cake - 4 cm

Little Sugarpaste Cake


- 4 cm round cutter
- scalpel
- small rolling pin
- wooden skewer
- brush (glue)


Modelling paste*:
- 39 g light brown (colours: ivory+dark brown)
- 11 g white
- 6 g light blue
- 10 mm ball red
- 10 mm ball violet
- 3 mm ball yellow

* I used sugarpaste with a small amount of CMC for the cake and flower paste for the tiny parts

Edible glue

Step 1

Little Sugarpaste Cake

Roll three 13 g light brown balls. Flatten them in a cutter as shown in the photo (I used the end of a small rolling pin).

Step 2

Little Sugarpaste Cake

Roll two 5 g white balls. Flatten them to the size of the cake. Distort the edge by pulling the paste out with your fingers. Layer the cake ;)

Step 3

Little Sugarpaste Cake

If there's need to even the layers press the cake gently from the sides. You can also place the cake on its side and roll it on the board (just don't press too hard).
Cover the top of the cake with a piece of blue paste formed the same way as the white filling in the previous step. You can smooth the top with the rolling pin or a smoother. Roll eight 5 mm white balls and eight 3 mm red balls. Stick them on as shown in the photo. Roll a sausage using the violet paste (thickness of a wooden skewer). Leave it to dry for a few minutes (or longer if after that time it doesn't hold its shape). Cut the ends off. Roll a 3 mm ball of yellow paste. Form a teardrop shape.

Step 4

Little Sugarpaste Cake

Use a wooden skewer to make a hole in the centre of the cake. Apply some glue on the end of the candle and stick it in the created hole. Stick the flame on the candle.

Step 5

Little Sugarpaste Cake

Dust the cake and....
Make a wish! ;)