Harry Potter, Ron and Hermiona Cake Toppers

I made these Harry Potter cake toppers using the "Cute Kids" templates --> https://www.etsy.com/listing/661986265/cute-kids-pdf-cake-topper-tutorial-with

Click on the button below to download a FREE pdf with three additional templates. They will help you space out the eyes properly, make the glasses and Hermiona's fringe.

You'll find some tips, in the photo descriptions below.

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermiona Cake Toppers

Step 1

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermiona Cake Toppers


I used flower paste (gum paste) but I added some sugarpaste (fondant) to it to make it softer.

Roll a tapering towards one end sausage. Flatten it. Texture it (lines) with the fine end of the dresden tool from both sides. Twist the narrower ends. Leave the curls to dry for a few minutes (they need to hold the shape, but can't be very dry).

Once they hold the shape quite well, attach them. Start from the back bottom layer. Then move on to the sides (single layer reaching the top of the head). Then finish the back by attaching the curls so that they fill the gaps between the bottom curls (that way the hair will look thicker when looking at the topper from the front).

Make the fringe the same way as described in the "Cute Kids" tutorial but use the additional fringe template form this page (FREE DOWNLOAD button above). Make various size v-shaped cuts on the bottom edge of the fringe.

Step 2

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermiona Cake Toppers

As it goes for Harry:
Space out the eyes so that they are in one line, more or less in the middle of the glasses. The templates will help you both with making the eyes and glasses. To download the additional free templates click on the "Free Download" button above.

To make the scarf use the same templates and follow the same instructions as in the "Cute Kids" tutorial. I suggest making the scarf yellow and attaching red strips, instead of the other way around. If you do it the other way around, glue marks might show from under the thin, light paste.

To make the strips on the scarf: Roll out some red flower paste (gum paste)* very thin (as thin as you can without tearing it). Cut strips and stick them to the scarf using a tiny amount of glue. If you didn't use corn flour underneath when rolling out the red paste, you might be able to stick the strips without using glue. Press the strips to the yellow paste gently.

Once the whole yellow strip is covered with red strips, use a small rolling pin to roll the paste gently from the top (don't press too hard; you just want to press the red strips into the yellow paste slightly, so that they don't stick out). Move the rolling pin along the red strips (not the other way around).

Trim the sticking out from the edges red strips. Trim the edge of the scarf (yellow paste) if there's need too (if it's not straight).

*You can add some sugarpaste (fondant) to the flower paste (gum paste) to make it softer. That way it will be easier to blend the strips into the scarf. Don't add too much though, because the strips will lose the shape easily.

Make them the same way as explained in the "Cute Kids" tutorial but make the joining straight (see templates - Free Download button above).

Step 3

Harry Potter, Ron and Hermiona Cake Toppers

I'll be posting more ideas & inspirations for the "Cute Kids" templates soon! :)