Learn how to make this cute Baby Dino cake topper!

The PDF includes:
  • over 100 photos
  • detailed and EASY-TO-FOLLOW instructions
  • TEMPLATES (they will help you get the right proportions and shapes - see photos below)
  • many TIPS

The tutorial is available in my Etsy Shop.

Height of the topper: 10 cm.

If you need a different size topper, simply print the templates smaller or larger.


You can use the same proportions to make other cute animals! :) Just change a few details :) Please note that there are no additional instructions in the 'Baby Dino' tutorial on how to make these bears. The tutorial contains full instructions on how to make the dino only. I made the details the same way as in these FREE tutorials: PANDA - http://crumbavenue.com/tutorials/panda-topper TEDDY - http://crumbavenue.com/tutorials/teddy-bear KOALA - http://crumbavenue.com/tutorials/koala