Zombie Cake Topper

I had so much fun making this cute little guy! Hope you will too!

The Zombie Cake Topper is my contribution to The Boo Crew Tutorial Collaboration. It was a huge pleasure working with Zoe’s Fancy Cakes, Letterpress Bakery and Cake Dutchess!

To download the Zombie tutorial click on the ‘FREE PDF DOWNLOAD’ button below the image.

Zombie Cake Topper

Step 1

Zombie Cake Topper

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To download the ZOMBIE tutorial click on the 'FREE PDF DOWNLOAD' button above the photo.

Step 2

Zombie Cake Topper

Step 3

Zombie Cake Topper

The templates will help you create elements of the correct size and shape. Just place the element on the template and look at it from above. If it’s formed correctly it will be the same as the printed shape.

Step 4

Zombie Cake Topper

Enjoy the tutorials guys! :)