Painting the face - a few tips

If you have one of my people tutorials and you want the face to be more detailed you can PAINT the eyes, eyebrows and lips on instead of using sugarpaste/flower paste. Below you’ll find a few TIPS:

Painting the face - a few tips

Step 1

Painting the face - a few tips

- Let the face dry before applying the paint

- I used paste colours diluted in a tiny amount of water (don’t add too much water because it will dissolve the flower paste).

- Use a very fine brush.

- To keep the hand steady, place the base of your palm on the bench/table.

- First paint the irises so that they look as if covered slightly by the top eyelid or both eyelids. I used orange-brown (Dark Brown + Golden Yellow) first and then made a dark brown outline (Dark Brown). I used a damp (not wet) brush to blend both colours to make a gradual change of colours.

- Once the irises are painted on, paint the pupils on (black paste colour).

- If at any stage the colour starts to wipe off (even though you are applying more paint), leave the eyes to dry for some time.

- Try to be as precise as possible, but if it happens that the colour gets on the areas where you don’t want it to get - use a clean, damp (not wet) brush to ‘erase’ the paste colour off (try to do it right after you notice it; the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove the paint).

- When the pupils are dry, paint a tiny white dot on the edge of each pupil (light reflects).

- Use black colour to paint the outlines of the eyes (run the fine brush along the edges of the eyes).

- When painting the eyelashes on make sure that the brush is not too wet. Move the brush from the edge of the eye upwards.

- To make the eyebrows: first paint thin lines. Make sure they are positioned correctly. If they are - thicken them.

Don’t get discouraged if the face won’t look perfect the first time. Everything takes time :) After making a few faces you’ll get the hang of it! :)
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Big Hugs!