Donkey Tutorial (Suplements: Horse & Unicorn)

Learn how to make this adorable Donkey Topper! You can use the templates provided to make any other horse-like cake topper!

The tutorial contains:
- 96 high-quality PHOTOS with clear and easy-to-follow INSTRUCTIONS
- TEMPLATES for ALL body parts –-> they will be your size and shape guide
- exact QUANTITIES of modelling paste per each element

The PDF file includes:
- The Donkey Tutorial (74 steps)
- 15-page supplement showing how to create a Horse and a Unicorn Topper on the basis of the Donkey Tutorial.

The height of the figures (with the ears): donkey - 15,5 cm, horse and unicorn – 14 cm.

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Donkey Tutorial (Suplements: Horse & Unicorn)